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Gull and SeaGull belong to the species of Laridae (Larus). These birds are seabirds found mainly on European shores.The gulls are considered pests due to their loud and aggressive behavior as well as their droppings.

It is increasingly common for Gulls attack duck farms, they can peck and trample crops. Moreover, their droppings are a source of disease for farm animals. They are also a source of troubles in ports and airports.

Gulls: Friend or Foe?

Where was the last place you saw a gull? If you live along a coastline, you can safely say along the ocean. But, like many people, there isn’t a coastline within hundreds of miles. So why is it that the gulls are so well known?

Firstly, they are not fussy in where they live. They will seize any opportunity, especially if there is a free meal in sight. Some types are more versatile than others, and are quite content eating fries as opposed to fish. Sure, it’s cute when one comes along to see what you have in hand, but feeding it will bring an onslaught of squawking, flapping of wings and the ever-dreaded gull droppings. Gross!

If left alone, gulls will quickly make an area their home, which can pose threats to humans inhabiting the same area. Not only that, they will eat the eggs of other birds which they see as a threat to their food supply. Every creature has its place in the food chain, but gulls tend to overstay their welcome.

Seagull scarerHuman intervention is often needed in high population areas. Gulls do have natural predators, with eagles being on that list. As an urban area may not have eagles, a sea-gull scarer is the next best thing. It is as large and intimidating as a real eagle, and that alone will help in controlling the gull population.

Other predators such as skunks, raccoons, coyotes and dogs will keep numbers in check, but only to a degree. How many coyotes have you seen in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant? By utilizing a seagull scarer, you are not left with bodies to dispose of (as with other forms of control). The gulls will simply find another place to go – perhaps one with natural predators.

Methods such as air cannons have been tried, but gulls are smart and will quickly realize it is all a trick. Any predictable (timed) control method is not going to work for long. What you need is a seagull scarer which is as unpredictable in flight and appearance patterns as their natural predators. Have you ever seen an eagle with a stopwatch planning the next attack?

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