How to scare birds away when starlings attack?

Starlings belong to the Stumidae species. The most harmful is European starling (Stumus Vulgaris) that has invaded most parts of the globe. This adaptable bird is considered as a pest bird in all countries where it has been introduced.

European Starling is an omnivore and is particularly fond of fruit: cherries, olives, grapes … and standing crops. The Starlings are likely to form groups of several hundred or even thousands of individuals. Because of their numbers, they can cause severe damage in a short time on orchards, vegetable crops and vineyards. During Concentrations in winter, this bird is sources of troubles in cities.

The ever-present Starling! Over-protective and sometimes downright mean, they can be seen swooping cats, dogs or even people that get too close to their nest. You may not even know you have Starlings, as they can imitate a variety of songbirds. It is only when they go zipping past your head that you may notice they are there at all.

When they become problematic, people want to know how to scare birds away. Sometimes air cannons are used, but they are not feasible in an urban environment. Imagine the passersby jumping every time one goes off. Or worse yet, the police would be getting regular calls about gunfire. That would not be good on any level.

Starlings lay four to six eggs in a nest made from grass, twigs and straw. Given their aggressive behaviour, it’s no wonder they are increasing in numbers. Other birds won’t go near them, and predators are in danger of getting pecked. They are relentless when their nest is threatened. They will take turns at swooping until the threat is gone.

When asking how to scare birds away, it is important to know the natural predators. As with other small birds, owls, eagles and falcons are on the predator list. Starlings will not challenge a large bird, especially one they know is a danger to them. Setting a decoy is only a short-term fix, as they will quickly realize the plastic bird isn’t a threat.

One of the most efficient ways of how to scare birds away is to use a bird scarer. It is unpredictable, large and quiet. By placing it in problem areas, the slightest breeze will set it in motion. It will fly, then dip as if attacking. The Starlings will eventually get the hint and move on to other areas. It will take more than a time or two, but the results will be worth it. When the starling has moved on, the gentler songbirds will move back in.



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