Get rid of pigeons

Pigeons belong to columbidae species (Columba), they are found on all continents. They feed on seeds but also waste. Ring dove (Wood Pigeon) is the most important species classified as pests in the countryside; it most often attacks the colza, protein and leguminous crops and you defenitely want to keep birds away when you speak about pigeons.

City pigeons are often overpopulation with very acidic droppings which causes deterioration of houses or buildings; it is often in this case the wood Pigeon.
Pigeons also create problems on aviation safety (presence on Airfields).

Send pigeons packing

Pigeons are widespread throughout the world. They will inhabit barns, attics, window ledges and any other spot they can fit into. While some find them to be an interesting bird, most find them to be an annoyance.

Their ability to adapt to a variety of locations is what keeps them prolific in numbers. Although their main diet is seeds and fruits, they will not hesitate to feed on bread crumbs or other food left by humans. Once they realize there is a supply of free food, they will stick around. Their droppings make a big mess, which can lead to airborne bacteria and disease.

Most people don’t want to harm them, they just want the birds to be relocated. When it is time to get rid of pigeons, poisoning is not an option. Doing so will cause the animals that eat them (cats and dogs, for example) to be poisoned as well. The best method is to introduce a predatory bird to control their population, but that is not always feasible.

The next best method to get rid of pigeons is to utilize a scare-tactic – replicate a natural predator, such as a falcon. When the pigeons feel threatened, they will move on to a more suitable location. Oftentimes that location is a grain elevator where there is plenty of grain to feed on. As the pigeon is adaptable, they will quickly make an elevator their new home. Barns are also on their list of favorite housing, as grain is usually present.

Pigeons do not pose an immediate threat to humans or animals, as they are not predatory by any means. Their ability to multiply readily is the biggest threat, and when not controlled they will soon have several inches of droppings on window ledges, in eaves and on cars parked below their nesting sites. As much as they are an interesting bird to watch, they are also a problem in many areas.

If you want to get rid of pigeons that are causing problems in your area, remember the predator factor. Tricking them into thinking they are going to become another bird’s lunch will send them packing.

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