Raven and crow problem solving

Raven encompass several species of crow or jackdaw, it belongs to the species corvus (corvidae). It is a large bird with black plumage, this species is a regularly listed on the pest animals lists. The Raven Rook is one of the most harmful pest birds species found in Europe. As you will see, as often when you want to keep birds away, crow solving problem will not be easy since this bird is clever!

Crow is a clever bird

A team of researchers from Oxford (UK) published in 2009, a study in the journal PLoS One online, which suggests that the crows are animals with a form of analytical intelligence.
The study was conducted on crows, which in the wild, are already capable of using tools in order to reach food. An experiment conducted in 2002 had already shown that a raven, in captivity, was able to spontaneously invent tools based on need, again for the direct purpose of feeding.

The use of tools in sequence – take a tool to use another tool – has been observed in many primates and crows, according to the research conducted in New Zealand.
A team of Oxford, in turn, led to a new study in seven crows in captivity. These crows have been tested on a series of tasks requiring the use of three tools in a sequence to reach the food. The birds had to use a small tool, slide the tool in more so to be able to catch a third even bigger tool and finally reach a piece of food, if not unattainable.
Five crows were successful, including four on the first try, without any prior training. And a precise analysis of the birds’ behavior shows that they did not act randomly. When a bird rested a tool to take another, he always chose more than the previous tool.

This study demonstrates competence ever observed in birds, but also emphasizes the importance of a cautious approach in the comparison of cognitive skills. Intelligent behavior can be detected without necessarily very high mental faculties.

Crow problem solving

Crow problem solving is not an easy job!

At first here is an analysis of this pest bird:

Crows are generally located near villages, in the citie because its easy for them to find food!, motorway service areas…
Crow feeds on seeds and crops; it is also a predator in outdoor poultry farms. It can also eat garbage and carrion.
Nests are grouped (which is not the case for the pigeon).
The period of nesting is April May in Europe.
To get rid of crows, you can use a green laser in the evenning (not working day), or use a strong ton having warned the population that is also fed up with the constant croaking. Some municipalities are even considering cutting trees!

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