Raven and crow problem solving

Raven and crow problem solving

Raven encompass several species of crow or jackdaw, it belongs to the species corvus (corvidae). It is a large bird with black plumage, this species is a regularly listed on the pest animals lists. The Raven Rook is one of the most harmful pest birds species found in Europe. As you will see, as often when you want to keep birds away, crow solving problem will not be easy since this bird is clever!

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Get rid of pigeons and keep birds away

Get rid of pigeons

Pigeons belong to columbidae species (Columba), they are found on all continents. They feed on seeds but also waste. Ring dove (Wood Pigeon) is the most important species classified as pests in the countryside; it most often attacks the colza, protein and leguminous crops and you defenitely want to keep birds away when you speak about pigeons.

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Magpie Deterrent

Magpie deterrent

Magpies are considered to be a part of the crow family, and the Eurasian magpie is thought of as being one of the most intelligent animals in the world

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Sparrow trap

Sparrow trap

Sparrow belongs to the species of passeridae. The pest species most encountered is the house sparrow. It was unintentionally introduced into the world by man.

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Discover the ultimate seagull scarer

Gull and SeaGull belong to the species of Laridae (Larus). These birds are seabirds found mainly on European shores.The gulls are considered pests due to their loud and aggressive behavior as well as their droppings.

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How to get rid of birds

How to get rid of birds of all species

In the list of major pest birds, we could also include turtledoves, robins, thrushes, swallows, goldfinches, grackles, blackbirds, waxwings, peacocks, woodpeckers, geese, quelea, herons, ducks and much more! If you wonder how to get rid of birds, whereas you can identify them or not, there are lots of solutions available. Scarybird will help you to solve your birds problem.

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Ecological protection

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