Use bird scarer kite to protect against birds attack


The damages caused by pest birds are representing serious problems whatsoever on crops, fruits trees, gardens, agricultural Tarpaulins, vegetables crops… That's why we developped our bird scarer kite.

If nothing is done to keep them away, birds can destroy an entire crop. These damages may represent significant losses for professional farmers or individuals.
Pest birds are numerous Pigeons / DovesStarlingsCrowsSparrows, ... ) and methods to protect against birds attack are not effective or harmful to the environment.

Traditional scarecrows are static  and birds get used to them very fast, their efficiency is short-term, noise systems like gas guns are upsetting neighborhood, as chemical treatment, it has unacceptable consequences on the natural environment.



100% Ecological

100% Environmental friendly

Efficient tool

Proven to be very efficient,
Takes off with low wind: 2Kmh/ 1.2Mph


Attractive price compared to nets or falconry.

No noise

No noise for Neighbors compared to gas gun systems
Discover our bird scarer kite


Works 24 Hours a day,
7 days a week

No Maintenance

Almost no maintenance required

Easy Set-up

Quick and easy set-up in less than 5 Minutes


Retractable, foldable & light, can be stored & transported easily.


  • 1 Kite made of Nylon UV size 155Wx56L cm with 3 fibreglass rods.
  • 1 Kevlar string 2.50 m with 2 high-strength steel swivels.
  • 1 Telescopic fibreglass pole with rubber caps at each end
  • 1 Fibreglass ground post
  • 1 Carry bag.
  • Total weight of the set = 4 Lbs. (1.8 Kg)


Download user manual

  • The complete Set-up of our Kite system takes less than 3 Minutes, the system comes with user manual for the Kite and the set. Full SCARYBIRD kit is assembled in 4 simple Steps:
    • Plant the stack halfway into the ground to the desired location.
    • Unfold the pole over its entire length .
    • Assemble the bird and tie it to the top of the Pole.
    • Place the Pole on the stack.
  • Our system is designed to take-off in low wind condition (less than 2 km / h) but we advise you to choose a location not sheltered from the wind, and distant from buildings.
  • Store the scarecrow in case of strong wind condition (more than 45 km / h) or in case of storms.
  • Install the scarecrow on an obstacle free area, make sure there are no obstacles closed to the take-off area of the kite. Generally, in case of strong wind, the radius of flight increases with the bending of the telescopic pole.
  • Please change the place of the device by 3 or 4 Meters every 5 or 7 days to prevent that birds do not get used to it.
  • For a longer life cycle, we recommend disassembling and storing the Scarecrow in dry conditions at the end of the season.

Technical information

  • 1 Kite made of Nylon UV size 155x56 cm with 3 fiberglass rods.
  • 1 Nylon string 2.50 m with 2 high-strength steel swivels.
  • 1 Telescopic fiberglass pole with rubber caps at each end
  • 1 Synthetic ground post
  • 1 Carrying bag.
  • Total weight of the set = 4 Lbs. (1.8 Kg)
Alternative solutions to get rid of pest birds such as falconers or protective nets are very restrictive and expensive. Bird scarer kite proved itself to be more efficient.
This is the reason why we have created SCARYBIRD System, the best bird scarer kite available now. Our ecological deterrent system of flying scarecrow against pest birds is a mimetic of a raptor. We just did a simple observation: the main predators of the pest birds are raptors, and the presence of raptors is keeping Birds away.

How does it work?

Our system consists on a kite hooked to the top of a 6 Meters telescopic pole.

The heart of our system is a Bird-like raptor (Eagle, hawk) always altering its flight (Speed, Height) on top of its pole. At the slightest breeze of wind (Less than 2km/h), it will take-off and fly randomly. It mimics the flight of a raptor such as a buzzard, a hawk, a falcon and will intimidate the pest birds and defend your crops, fruit trees, garden, vineyard…

Unlike fixed scarecrow systems, the scaring device SCARYBIRD flies randomly, pest birds are therefore not getting used of its presence because they see it as a hunting predator. The 6 meters Height of the post are the minimum height for effectively scaring birds.


Where can I use it?

SCARYBIRD device is intended for all people: Individuals, Professionals who suffer from damages caused by birds: Crows, starlings, pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, gulls, seagulls, magpies... and who wish to use an environmental friendly solution to protect their crops. 

Click on picture to enlarge and read the description
It can be used in :
  Cultivated fields
In cultivated fields to protect your crops and seeds… generally for all spring and autumn crops and standing crops which can be attacked by birds. The system effectively intimidate magpies, crows, pigeons...
In orchards against bird attacks on soft flesh fruits such as apricot, cherry, grape, peach ... Birds such as starlings, blackbirds and magpies are fond of sweet fruits! Ten birds can attack at the same time a cherry tree and in 20 minutes, there is no more cherry. Our flying scarecrow allows you to intimidate them before that happens!
Vineyards are the main target of Starlings invasions. The device is particularly effective against these pest birds. Starlings live in groups of thousands of birds and can destroy entire vineyards. SCARYBIRD is a way to protect your grapes against their attacks.
Agricultural tarpaulins for silage, corn, etc.
Agricultural tarpaulins for silage, corn, etc. are suffering substantial damages caused by bird beaks, this is a specialty from crows and starlings, these birds have very developed sight, beside, they are very clever and they get used easily to static scarecrows. Our solution of random flight raptor allows you to frighten them and avoid holes in your material.
For gardens an gardening
For gardens an gardening, for your peas and beans crops ravaged by doves and Pigeons, SCARYBIRD is the solution to protect your garden and vegetable crops.
Outdoor Poultry farms
Outdoor Poultry farms are frequently targeted by foraging birds, crows or gulls regularly attack ducks and chickens. Against these attacks, the raptor is the solution to protect your outdoor animals.
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