Agricultural Pest control

Above all, we wish to clarify that we are against harmful techniques for scaring birds.

We are against inhumane techniques fight against birds in agricultural pest control and are committed to providing non-violent methods for animals and non-destructive to the environment. Although birds presented on our site are considered as pests, we want them to stay alive!

We advise all our customers NOT to use harmful extermination methods.

Our aim is to promote environmentally friendly products.

SCARYBIRD specializes in agricultural pest control solutions against pest birds. SCARYBIRD teams have along experience in kites for agricultural. With this experience and the success of this method of scaring, we have created the complete device SCARYBIRD Kite. Our teams are working on developing ecological solutions to fight against pest bird for horticulture, golf, airports, orchads and of course agricltural pest control. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable products.

Our products are suitable for professionals seeking reliable economic solutions for agricultural pest control, and individuals for their ease of use. Our products undergo extensive technical studies before placing on the market and make a real difference in term of quality compared to competing solutions. Our system SCARYBIRD kite has been designed to last for several seasons.

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SCARYBIRD is a 100% ecological tool which is environmental friendly.
Proven to be very effective.
Its attractive price compared to other solutions such as nets or falconry.
No noise for Neighbors compared to gas gun systems.

The system operates 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

No maintenance is required.

Quick and easy set-up in less than 10 Minutes.

The retractable lightweight system comes in a pouch does not take place and can be stored / transported easily.

Protection efficiency

SCARYBIRD Scarecrow device can cover an area of approximately 1.5 hectares.

The system should be put in place when the attack of pest birds is effective. Install the system early in the season (Spring, Autumn) when you notice that your crops are attacked.
No scaring tool can protect your fields 100% but our system will considerably reduce your losses. Regularly change the system location to avoid that the birds get used to it.

You can complete the SCARYBIRD system with other scaring methods like scaring balloons or reflective tapes.


Our kite system has been developed and improved over many years. Each spare part has been designed and selected for the quality of its materials.

The shape of the kite has been specially designed to mimic the shape of a predator bird in flight. The colors of the beak and claws make it even more realistic.

Its ultra-light weight allows it to take off even when the wind is low (less than 2 km / h).

We use high-strength UV nylon. The material withstands extreme conditions of use: Strong wind, rain, sun, which can allow you use the device for several seasons.

The rods of the bird are made with Fiberglass specially designed for their flexibility and strength properties.
The Fiberglass pole reinforced with metal is designed to bend in the wind without breaking in strong wind. Its height of 6 meters is the minimum height to effectively scare birds.
Metal hooks provided allow 360 ° rotation to prevent the string from wrapping on the telescopic pole. Each system comes with 2 metal hooks: one on side of the kite and one on the pole side.

Many similar products exist, but many are not suitable and their too fragile structure will not last a season, the quality of SCARYBIRD materials allow you to protect your crops effectively in the long term.